Music Helping the Blind

I can’t believe it but this is my last post for my English class! For my last academic post I found this great article about a program that teaches visually impaired individuals how to use MIDI in order to help provide a better opportunity for them having a successful music career. I thought this was very unique because I didn’t even think about how the visually impaired would gain much from using MIDI since they wouldn’t be able to see what it is that they are doing. They just have to go about learning how to use the equipment in a way that differs in a few ways from people who can see.

Mainstream Employment in Music Production for Individuals Who Are Visually Impaired: Development of a Model Training Program starts out about a newly blind woman who recently after becoming blind managed to regain the ability to play music at a highly skilled level with the help of special program. The program is called Miami Lighthouse and they specialize in teaching the visually impaired to create music with the help of MIDI on the same level of people who have their vision in order to help them compete in the business world. This article touched my heart because I’ve had friends who go blind and many things that they once enjoyed doing are taken away from them. If there was ever a time that this happened to me and I couldn’t play my flute again it would make me feel just miserable. MIDI does more than allow musical expression to have more ease but it also breaks down barriers in the music business. The playing field is leveled out for even more possible musicians and we’re all about breaking down barriers in any and everything that goes on in our competitive, cut throat society.

After reading this article I decided that I might be able to use it in changing the framework of my last essay since a variety of incentives are mentioned. Levitt and Dubner talked a lot about incentives and how incentives can push people to do something good and fostering innovation in MIDI offer incentives which are beneficial to everyone. This article would also help provide support on how MIDI is a great tool for anyone regardless of musical skill or ability.



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